Ink Sketches of Italy 2011 – Moleskin Flashback

by Jason on May 17, 2012

As I do more drawings and illustrations (thankfully) I constantly pull out some of my old drawings. The ones I enjoy looking at our the ones where I sketched a scene in Italy. I enjoy photography very much, and have developed a certain proficiency with it. However, that hour or two that I spend just really looking at every detail of a building, of a mountain, of a far-off town, really has made an imprint of how I view landscapes and cityscapes.

Service Civil International – Eco-village in Pesscomagiore, Italy

Organic farm in the eco-village, Pesscomagiore, where I volunteered at in Italy

The small village of Pesscomagiore, less than 100 residents, many buildings damaged by an earthquake in 2009, but you couldn’t tell just by looking at how magnificent it is on the mountain.

During the one free weekend, we went camping at Lago di Camptosto. This is one of the most beautiful bodies of water I’ve ever seen, cradled with the greenest hills.

Back in Rome, before my flight back to America, sitting in Piazza Navona, people watching and sketching.
I should really take this as a lesson. I definitely remember and pull out the few sketches that I did, or remembered to do, more so than the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken.

I’ve joined some MeetUp groups on sketching, both doodles and city sketching. I am definitely looking forward to participating in those. Stay tuned for those updates!

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