My name is Jason and I am a graduate student at San Jose State University working towards a Masters in Urban Planning. Raised in Los Angeles, visited some amazing cities and villages in the mean time; and saw what works and doesn’t work in urban planning – as well as what people think of when they view community. Now I’m studying in the Bay Area, soaking everything in – learning what I can to address these social, economic, and environmental issues that affect us all today.

My interest in urban planning started off as a child, when I would take out board games and pretend the boards were giant city blocks, with the pieces as people and places. Imagining how enriching life would be like for these characters, it wasn’t until after college that I realized this interest may be manifested into a professional career as an urban planner and designer.
I would like to acknowledge that what I mention on articles is my interpretation of what I see and read. I believe these opinions are essential in interpreting, acclimating, and challenging ideas for best practices, but they are opinions.

Contact: suj@citystudies.org

I <3 IdeaMensch

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