b. 1986, California.


focus :

Public Life
Urban Planning
Civic Engagement
Policy & Prototyping


Jason Su is an urban designer and city planner passionate about creating vibrant cities and equitable public spaces. He is the street life manager for the San Jose Downtown Association, where he implements art, construction, and activation projects. In his time, downtown San Jose has seen more art crosswalks, murals, a pedestrian count program, pop-up dog park, and the 2015 Knight Cities Challenge project - San Pedro Squared. He is a fellow with K880 Emerging City Champions and New Leaders Council and has guest lectured at San Jose State University and UC Berkeley.

Previously, he worked in the streetscapes division with SF Public Works on the Castro Streetscape Project and in strategic planning and research with the City of Oakland and SPUR. He earned his Master of Urban Planning from SJSU and Bachelors in Economics and Sociology from the UC Irvine.